Good news!
In cooperation with the City of Tulsa Parks Department, BAVA has selected, purchased with donations and arranged the planting of five LARGE trees in BA. The planting is scheduled according to truck availability. Sanders Nursery has revised their tree delivery and planting schedule.  They will now deliver and plant the same day:  Saturday, Dec. 3 around 8 a.m. Due to the need for shade in the small dog park, two Nuttall Oaks and two Maple trees will be planted in this section and one Sawtooth Oak will be planted in the large dog section. Total cost for tree purchase, delivery, planting, mulch and compost is around $3,000. Thank you BAVA members Kelly Carter and Doug Youngdahl for a great job leading this project. And thank you to all donors to Biscuit Acres for making this planting financiallly possible. Note: We recommend that users of the small dog park do not bring your dog to BA on December 3. We will close down the small dog park until the trees are planted.

BA WINTER SCHEDULE: NO closing of BA planned at present. However, the City of Tulsa is monitoring the wear & tear on the bermuda. Whether it is closes or not, next Spring we will need to do new grass “sprigging” in areas of heavy use. Please help by moving the benches and tables to areas with higher grass growth. It will take at least two or more persons to move these items.

CEMENT PROJECT: We are looking for a cement sponsor & contractor to pave the area under the large shade sail in the small dog park. (approx. 20′ X 20′ square area) All materials and contruction service donated will be tax-deductible. If you have a potential donor for this project, please contact myself at 918-857-7100. We will place a donor sign on one of the shade sail poles giving credit to the donor.

“POOP” BAGS: Please bring some plastic sacks with you when you visit BA and “stuff” them in the fence tubes. Any extra bags can be stored in the plastic containers located in the main entrance.

RULE SIGNS: The City of Tulsa is constructing new permanent rule signs for BA. We haven’t refilled the Rule Sign Holders near the entrance gates lately because some inconsiderate person has been taking all copies out of the holders and throwing them in the trash. BAVA donations have been paying for the copies. We may try putting out copies again next Spring. Note: Any dog under 6 months old is not allowed in the park. The old rules indicate 4 months. Puppies brought into any area of the park is extremely dangerous, particularly the large dog park.

Thank you for all your support to Biscuit Acres!

John Benjamin, BAVA Treasurer