We did it! BISCUIT ACRES will celebrate its first anniversary this coming Saturday, June 5! We thank all of our visitors, contributors, supporters and volunteers who have helped us make this dog park such a success.

We have tentative plans in the making for a Celebration Day in September or October. We’ll post the details as soon as possible.

This Saturday we will have a table at Biscuit Acres manned by our volunteers from 9am to closing. We’re hoping to inspire donations, educate park visitors and answer any questions visitors might have.

Our current needs for donations are as follows:

On-going Park maintenance equipment:  metal scoops, buckets, sack replacements for orange barrels and green dispensers, stainless steel water buckets, sign replacement, fence tubes, shade sails, shade structures, benches, tables, etc.

 Major maintenance:  We will be asked to help fund the grass replacement depending on the cost.  Also, we need a sidewalk from the Restrooms to the South Entrance.

 Stop by and say hi, we’d love to visit with you!