How to Get Involved with Biscuit Acres

Biscuit Acres needs your help and support to keep this great “doggie” fun place open.  BAVA funds are paying for Biscuit Acres grass and park improvements. If you wish to become a Biscuit Acres Volunteer and/or make a donation to help buy new features and supplies for Biscuit Acres, please consider becoming a volunteer or member of BAVA to help us. To donate, please click in the “Donate” button on the upper right hand side of this page. To apply as a volunteer, please contact John Benjamin at or

 Download our volunteer/membership form and become an active supporter now. 

 Our current needs are: 

 On-going Park maintenance equipment:  metal scoops, buckets, sack replacements for orange barrels and green dispensers, stainless steel water buckets, sign replacement, fence tubes, shade sails, shade structures, benches, tables, etc. 

Major maintenance:  Grass replacement and volunteer watering.  Also, we need a sidewalk from the Restrooms to the South Entrance.  The City does not have funds to cover the total cost of these items.